The Dignity Movement, Robots, And The Importance Of Asking Good Questions with Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

Robert FullerWhat is of utmost importance to Fuller are the questions we bring to our life process. He says, “Once you’ve formed a question, it almost guarantees you will find the answer.” He comments on the idea put forth by Israeli psychologist Amos Tversky: “Reality is not a point, it is a cloud of possibility.” His response is: ”An answer is like a springboard to another field of possibilities and then you collapse that into a better answer. We can’t do without answers. We can’t just live in that cloud, so we continually have to collapse it and expand it.” He understands that excessive recognition is not healthy; however, mal-recognition can be analogous to malnutrition. People need to feel they’re contributing and that their dignity is healthy and intact. He shares some provocative thoughts on the inevitability of robots and artificial intelligence becoming a more dominant species than homo sapiens. He warns, “If we enslave them, they’re going to rebel . . .But if we handle them properly, respectfully, and treat them with dignity, they’ll treat us that way. . . We can keep our dignity if we will give up gracefully our pre-eminence.” In the future will robots develop more complexity than the human brain? Will they develop intuition? Will they experience transcendence and spirituality?



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