Developing Our “Superpower” Of Connecting With Others with Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan RobinsonIn life we all basically want the same things. We want care, understanding, empathy, and appreciation. One avenue that will take us there is to become master communicators. Most of us have had little to no training in how best to communicate in ways that foster deep trust and intimacy. So, we might ask the question: Is there hope for us to master the skill of communication without having to get a Ph.D.? Robinson enthusiastically encourages us with a resounding Yes! Yes, we can become masters in communication. Over many decades, he has reached millions of people around the world to help them develop a “superpower” of caring, understanding, and empathy through a series of specific and effective exercises. Here we explore the skill of communicating well for a deeper, more profound connection with others. Robinson says we create more intimacy and connection when we are willing to be vulnerable and share more openly the details of what we are thinking and feeling. When we share this way he says, “There’s less of a wall, less separateness, and it feels really good. I’ve had strangers do this in workshops and in 10 minutes they would say ‘I feel more connected to this person than I do with my entire family.’ These are powerful technologies. If you use them well, you’ll have a lot of love in your life. They are like sacred medicine.”




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