Communicating Across the Veil of Death with Cynthia Spring

Cynthia SpringIs death actually a transition from one kind of life to another? Are our loved ones close at hand even after death? Can we collaborate with loved ones from different sides of the veil of death? Is there a reality to “soul” and “spirit?” This deep dialogue explores these subjects and her surprising collaboration beyond the veil of death with Frances Vaughan, who had passed away, and much more. Dr. Vaughan describes God, “God is not an individual for sure. God is an omni presence. Some people call it love.” She describes in detail a kind of atmosphere of love and light and communion that pervades the dimension that she’s in and other dimensions that she has access to and understands that she’s moving along an evolutionary path and the goal is to become one with the One. The message is that we are always one with the One, we just have to wake up and realize it.

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