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The “Airing” dates below indicate when radio stations air our programs. FREE LISTENING for each program is available for two weeks following the initial air date.  Just go to our Home Page and scroll down to Free Listening.  All of these featured MP3 programs are one hour long, and are available for purchase and download.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Airing March 4 – 10, 2020

Shifting Into a New Era of Conscious Evolution
with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ph.D.
Program 3443

Hubbard inspires us with a vision of the possibility as we move into a new era of conscious evolution. She says we are at a choice point, and describes a tipping point of people who are collectively becoming excited by the changes.

 Airing March 11 – 17, 2020

Opening to Our Inner Radiance  
with Tara Brach, Ph.D.
Program 3694

The RAIN Process (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) reminds us to pause and reconnect with a wise and compassionate presence allowing us to align our lives with our hearts. It can assist us when we get lost in unconscious, mental, emotional reactivity, fear, and are living on “autopilot.” RAIN is a healing process available to us that opens us to our inner radiance.

Anat BanielAiring March 18 – 24, 2020

Miraculous Help for Special Needs Children
with Anat Baniel

Program 3434

Anat Baniel has created an extraordinary and effective process that leads to the improvement of brain functioning and that, in turn, translates to an improvement in motor and cognitive skills of the special needs child or adult. She has found the key to engaging the miraculous capacities of the brain to change and heal.

Airing March 25 – 31, 2020

A Comprehensive Conversation About What We Eat
with Will Tuttle, Ph.D. 

Program 3697

Gandhi once said, “The most violent weapon on Earth is the table fork.” Dr. Will Tuttle asks us to consider one of the primary driving forces behind a whole network of problems we face as human beings is the mentality of violence, exploitation, exclusion and privilege that is required for us to eat animal foods.