Choosing To Be Our Own Authority In Our Lives with Regina Louise

 As a young Black woman, Regina Louise was born poor, supposedly unwanted, neglected, marginalized, stigmatized, disenfranchised, and labeled crazy. What led her to not accept these factors in her life and reject that they were going to define all her life? As a child she had to navigate 30 foster homes and more than a year in a level 14 residential treatment center (which is the most restrictive out-of-home placement in the current California foster home system.) She received antipsychotic drugs and was thrown into solitary confinement. Yet, with all these extreme adversities she rose above to become a very successful woman in all ways, emotionally, financially, and a blessing to our collective community. Learn of her amazing story of moving from being a victim of circumstances and low self-worth to self-determination. She shares insights and wisdom for us in her hard-fought climb to becoming the authority of her own life. She gives a real-life example of being triggered by a colleague and how she avoided the old pattern of her 15-year old self of vindictiveness. I could see the inequalities that were given to me as a result of my mother not being a mother… Now I’m able to give that to my own innocence. Give that to my own inner child.” Be uplifted by her story as she moves with fierce determination from shame to dignity.

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