The Choice Point for Humanity in “The Age of Surprises” with Deirdre Hade & William Arntz

 A physicist and a mystic make an unusual team, combining their wisdom and experience to encourage us at this time of “choice point” for humanity. As a scientist, Arntz shares: “[T]here are data points of non-physical reality happening that scientists don’t listen to. I tried to be a real scientist and say ‘let’s not blow off the data.’ There’s a famous term in physics which is, “A beautiful theory is destroyed by an ugly fact.’ But the facts are the facts and eventually they convinced me.” Arntz and Hade describe the times in which we live as “The Age of Surprises,” and share what happens to our brain chemistry when we encounter a surprise: “Dopamine floods the brain, then suddenly you’re in a moment of expanded awareness; you are in an altered state after a surprise. You then have to figure out: Is something going to eat me? Or did I just win the lottery? Which is it? It is in that moment that your brain can rewire with neuroplasticity; it’s a doorway to transformation.” Hade shares her early mystical experiences and describes the importance of knowing our core virtues and values in order to be resilient.


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