Asking Better Questions with Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

Robert Fuller

From traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian railroad to the “Golden Rule” in religion, Robert Fuller takes us on a wide and deep adventure, always returning to the idea that learning to ask better questions is one of the keys to truly improving our lives and improving society. In Fuller’s varied career from serving as a college president and consultant to Presidents he always comes back to the fundamental practice of striving to ask better questions. Even in the early days when we first met Bob, he was asking the question of what would make a better game than war. He continues to be ever curious and says, “Once you’ve been able to formulate a question, you’re a lot closer to the answer than you might think. The really hard work is in coming up with the question. . . We’re trained to suppress our own questions because, in this society, it’s of value to be sure of yourself, so we don’t want to admit we have questions or that we’re questioning something fundamental about the culture or ourselves. But if you can, in quiet moments, listen to the nagging doubts that usually are borne home by what I call the witness.” He reminds us that this “witness”, this inner voice, doesn’t yell but whispers. This quiet knowing is a truth teller and will help us get closer to speaking our questions out loud. This dialogue will also include thoughts on how the dignitarian movement can lead to personal peace as well as world peace.

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