Adulthood II: A Whole New Stage In The Life Cycle with Mary Catherine Bateson, Ph.D.

Mary Catherine BatesonPeople are living longer but this new longevity is not equivalent to an extension of old age or years added on at the end of life. Children have left home and many are facing retirement, but are not ready to spend this time on the golf course, or playing endless hands of bridge. There is the possibility of opening up to a second and different kind of adulthood. This stage is endowed with wisdom, health, and energy. As trustees for the future, what are the new roles elders will take on? Can they become the needed visionaries in our society? What can elders do with this unique combination of energy and knowledge? Mary Catherine Bateson challenges us by saying, “We need to reengage, make our voices heard, clear off some of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years, and focus on what we care about the most. We are opening up to a second and different kind of adulthood.”





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