A Trailblazer Of Earth Music with Paul Winter

Since the 1960s Paul Winter has been in the vanguard of musicians who express special appreciation for the natural music of our world, including wolves, whales, birds, wind and water. His inclusivity combines everything from Bach to Bossa Nova and his albums, Common Ground and Callings, are cultural landmarks, as is his album Missa Gaia/Earth Mass, commissioned by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Missa Gaia/Earth Mass is a testament of faith, joy, thanksgiving, and reverence for the special gift that is Mother Earth. Paul has recorded more than 50 albums with his ensemble, the Paul Winter Consort and his community of colleagues, who are some of the finest jazz, classical and World Music musicians. He’s a seven-time Grammy Award winner and his latest album, Light Of The Sun, is the most personal musical offering of his 60 year recording career, showcasing his signature saxophone. Many of his albums include the voices of other-than-humans. Here is what he says about these recording sessions, “I think anytime that we are in the presence of a wild creature there’s a chance that we can be really deeply touched and changed. Most wild creatures will disappear instantly at the sight, sound, or smell of a human. I’ve always felt it was a tremendous gift or stroke of luck when they allow you to be in their presence.” 

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