A New Scientific Paradigm Where Consciousness Is Fundamental And Matter Is Derived From It with Mark Gober

Mark GoberScientific materialism is the reigning paradigm of scientific inquiry. It is the notion that physical matter is fundamental in the universe. Materialism assumes that matter produces consciousness and holds that the brain produces consciousness. Therefore, when your brain dies, your consciousness dies. Gober has compiled extensive research that turns scientific materialism upside down and purports that consciousness is the fundamental basis of all reality, including matter. He gives examples from many reputable physicists who concur that all matter derives from consciousness. All this raises the question of whether or not life is finite. Gober says, “What I think the evidence points toward is the notion that consciousness isn’t dependent on the body; therefore when the body ceases to function consciousness itself does not die. That has huge implications for how we think about everything. . . I think we might recontextualize our lives . . maybe we wouldn’t fear death as much. Then how might we live if we don’t think death is the end?”




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