A Feast Of Wisdom With Five Trailblazers

POSTED May 22, 2024 IN

A few topics in these deep dialogues include: What survives death and where does consciousness reside? While our genes do not change, the way they are expressed may be very much within our control. What are the four paths of wise, effective action–“showing up, paying attention, telling the truth, and being unattached to the outcome”. What is the “implicate order” that forms the basis for bridging science and spirit? These thoughts and questions are just a few of the subjects covered by these 5 wisdom trailblazers on whose shoulders we stand as we explore creating a better world for all. You’ll want to hear all of them.

The Survival Of Consciousness
with Stanislav Grof, M.D.,
Ph.D. & Willis Harmon, Ph.D.

Program 2446
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This is a compelling dialogue with two researchers who have devoted their lives to  exploring the questions related to survival of consciousness after death and experiences of non-ordinary consciousness. Read more »

Angeles Arrien

Walking The Four-Fold Way
with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

Program 2424
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Arrien gathered wisdom from a variety of indigenous cultures distilling it into four paths of wise, effective action—“showing up, paying attention, telling the truth and being unattached to the outcome.” These are the archetypal paths of the warrior, healer, visionary and teacher. The opportunity to embody these archetypes arises in every situation in our lives. Read more »  

Bruce Lipton

Controlling Your Genetic Blueprint
with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Program 3093
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Bruce Lipton and other cellular biologists have discovered that our genetic blueprint is not static. While our genes do not change, the way they are expressed may be very much within our control. He tells us, “Cells need the brain to interpret the world and feed back to them what they should be doing to keep this whole system alive and floating.”    Read more »

Parts Of A WholeDavid-Bohm
with David Bohm, Ph.D.

Program 1785
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Theoretical physicist Bohm developed a theory of quantum physics that addresses both matter and consciousness as an unbroken whole. The late Bohm’s concept of “implicate order” provides a basis for bridging science to the realm of spirit. For two decades, he explored this possibility with religious philosopher J. Krishnamurti.  Read more »

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