A Favorite Quote from a New Dimensions Guest : W. Keith Campbell

No fear, no envy, no meanness.

From a Francis Ford Coppola movie with Bob Dylan.
Dylan attributes it to Liam Clancy from the Clancy Brothers

 “One of the challenges I have with narcissism is that to live a creative life you need some ego to do things. But the problem with ego is you end up messing up your relationships and you’re missing things because you’re so full of yourself. I struggle with this a lot. I came across this quote from one of the Francis Ford Coppola movies with Bob Dylan. It’s got some good Irish roots to it. So, no fear, no envy, no meanness is how to live an artistic life. What strikes me about this quote is that it has to do with approaching the world without fear and just going out there and doing it. Living without envy, without envying somebody else’s success, without being mean to people, without dominating people or putting people down seems like a way to have some of those benefits of narcissism of just going out there and experiencing the world but without the social toxic damage. It is about not hurting people and not hurting yourself because you’re not envious. Envy is a trap. That’s why I like that quote.”


W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D. 
Author of The New Science Of Narcissism :
Understanding One Of The Greatest Psychological
Challenges Of Our Time– and What You Can Do About It