A Favorite Quote from a New Dimensions Guest : Hank Wesselman, Ph. D.

When we walk on the shamanic path of direct revelation we are to love all that we see with humility, live all that we feel with reverence, and know all that we possess with discipline. This reveals that this is a path with heart, a path that reflects our honor. 

Hawaiian elder, Hale Makua


This quote brought me into the positive polarity in my life. When Makua said “We’re to love all that we see with humility,” I thought to myself, wow, easy one first. I didn’t realize he was psychic and he was reading my mind. He then laughed and he said, “Listen, I’ve worked on that one for 7 years.” Hearing that from him got me off the hook right from the beginning. These words motivate my life all the time: I try to be kind. I try to be discerning but not judgmental.  I try to be persuasive but not coercive. I try to be compassionate without zeal. I try to find my inner chief and the role of the inner chief is about self-mastering. The chief in the negative polarity is about tyranny and the tyrant is about ‘do it my way.’ So, I try to maintain my focus very much in the positive polarity as much as I can. Of course, when I’m watching the eveningHank Wesselmannews it’s not unusual to have a few pithy comments slip out.”


Hank Wesselman, author of
The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom
from a Hawaiian Shaman