Spotlight: Back To Our Roots

May 11, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
In these times, with political rhetoric coming at us from all sides, it is important to take a moment and listen to our wise elders. Bill Mollison shares with us an unforgettable image about the culture of a tree. Wendell Berry is a revered poet, philosopher, and farmer whose wisdom…

Spotlight: Wonder, Awe, and Imagination

May 4, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
wonder and awe
Wonder, awe, and imagination are the active ingredients for a passionate and creative life. Justine Willis Toms is fond of saying, “Whatever you give your fullness to will take you where you need to go.” And when you add curiosity to the mix you’ll have access to a wider landscape.…

Spotlight – Improving Our Brain Power

April 20, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
ideas, inspiration, coffee
Why is optimism good for the brain? How may we avoid technology overload and learn to focus on what is truly important to us? What is neuroplasticity and how can it help prevent dementia? Do the different sides of our brain see the world differently? Can we actually alter the…

Spotlight – Dialogue With Sir Laurens Van der Post: A Mythic Journey

March 23, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
You will surely be inspired by Van der Post’s most amazing life. Adventurer, soldier, statesman, writer, storyteller, and philosopher, Van der Post addresses the major issues of our time—and the results are riveting. You’ll hear about his sojourn in the Kalahari Desert after WWII, his friendship with Carl Jung, his…

Spotlight – The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell

March 16, 2016
Read Time: 3 minutes
rings of consciousness
The late mythologist Joseph Campbell is a marvel to listen to as he brings us in touch with our mythic heritage. More than any other single individual, he has brought mythology into the American mainstream, significantly affecting our perceptions of the world around us and our shared human experience. He…

Spotlight – Reclaiming Your Joy

March 2, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
When suffering, anxiety, or fear takes over your mindspace there are maps that will bring you back to joy. Each of these extraordinary teachers has practical tools that will guide you back to an easeful state of mind. Explore how you can move from worry to joy with four highly…

Spotlight: If You Missed These Programs Here Are Some Suggestions of Favorites from Justine

February 17, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
stepping stones
Why do we feel good when we’re helping other people? Marc Barasch suggests, “It’s an evolutionary reward circuit, because evolution likes it when we cooperate.” Within these four MP3s specially selected from the New Dimensions program archive you’ll find tools and reminders that will bring the quality of cooperation and loving kindness…

Spotlight: Father Bede Griffiths – A Mystical Bridge of East and West

February 3, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
Father Bede Griffiths
Father Bede Griffiths 1906 – 1993. In all the many interviews we’ve done over the years, rarely have we met a truly “holy one” in the full sense of what that means. Fr. Bede lived in a rarified energetic. In the mid-1950s Fr. Bede went to live in India as…

Spotlight: Longevity – The Gateway to the Second Half of Life

January 13, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
spotlight 2016-01-13
We live in a culture that is bent on avoiding aging, yet there is an enormous potential for cultural change as the generation of the sixties comes into their wisdom years. These four MP3s, specially selected from the New Dimensions Archive, open us up to the exciting gifts and possibilities of…

Spotlight: Good News: The Universe Is Alive & Interconnected

January 6, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
New Dimensions Spotlight
Biologist Elisabet Sahtouris says “Life gets creative in a time of crisis.” Philosopher and cosmologist Thomas Berry tells us, “If we can’t see the stars at night, it’s not just pollution or toxicity of the planet, it’s a loss of our soul, our imagination, of the experience of what it…

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