Looking for The Deeper and Greater Unities with Michael Meade

January 13, 2021
Read Time: 1 minute
Meade describes the landscape leading up to the Presidential election of 2020, “We are worn down, worn out. Burned out and exhausted—COVID crisis, political crisis, climate crisis… economic crisis, and equal opportunity and justice for all. We are divided and socially distanced We have to look for underlying unities and that requires, more than…

A Trailblazer Of Earth Music with Paul Winter

December 9, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Since the 1960s Paul Winter has been in the vanguard of musicians who express special appreciation for the natural music of our world, including wolves, whales, birds, wind and water. His inclusivity combines everything from Bach to Bossa Nova and his albums, Common Ground and Callings, are cultural landmarks, as…

Weaving The Fabric Of The World With Our Stories with Rebecca Solnit

August 5, 2020
Read Time: 2 minutes
Rebecca Solnit
Rebecca Solnit discusses how all of us are connected to one another as though we are threads woven into the fabric of the world. Storytelling is an important part of creating this fabric. Every story is a thread that weaves itself into the universal fabric. Solnit points out that we…

The Public Purpose Of Art with Arlene Goldbard

April 29, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Arlene Goldbard
We’re on the cusp of a paradigm shift, a radical change in worldview that will thrust art and culture onto center stage. What does that mean? How will the world be different? What is the rising spirit of the times and how is it being expressed in art? Arlene Goldbard…

Thoughts to Get You Through The Night with Phil Cousineau

April 22, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Phil Cousineau is a Renaissance man who has been able to maintain a wonder and awe about life which has stoked his creative fires for many decades. For him, the night is a companion for creativity. He describes how civilization arose from sitting around a fire in the night, “Before the…

The Creative Process: A Visit with a Writer with Mary Mackey, Ph.D.

February 12, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Mackey writes both prose and poetry and has published many novels, including her historical fiction of Neolithic times, and many highly acclaimed books of poetry. She reveals her writing and creative process and how each kind of writing requires a different approach. She describes her process of “creative trance” that…

Empowering Women Artisans From Around the World with Kara Valentine

December 25, 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
Kara Valentine
In this uplifting dialogue Valentine is sharing how her organization is offering women who are living in poverty stricken communities a way to earn a livable wage that supports themselves and their families. By partnering and building alliances with artisans around the world, women are rewriting their futures through jewelry…

Finding An Antidote To The Attention Economy with Jenny Odell

November 20, 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
More and more of us spend enormous spans of our time captured, optimized, or appropriated as a financial resource by the technologies we use daily. We are caught in a dynamic where our value is determined by our productivity. In her book, Jenny Odell points out, “The convenience of limitless connectivity…

Inhabiting The Poetry Of Our Lives with Mark Nepo

November 13, 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
Mark Nepo
Mark Nepo has discovered that writing and other forms of expression can be especially effective in assisting our spiritual growth. Nepo tells of his experience, how he loosens the knot of his limiting mind when it is swirling with assumptions and conclusions. “When I am stuck in my mind, when I…

Writing As A Way To An Awakened Life with Albert Flynn DeSilver

June 27, 2018
Read Time: 1 minute
DeSilver describes how writing from the body rather than the head is a visceral experience that connects us with our intuition. He says, “Everybody is a creative person. It’s a matter of where you have been putting your attention. . . This is an invitation to reconnect with the power of…

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