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Fr. Matthew Fox

Thomas Merton, A Mystic Lover Of Life with Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Matthew Fox shares Thomas Merton’s view that technology and information will not save humanity, and analyzes the media and the capitalist system, as “giving the public what it wants in order to get the public’s money to increase profits.”

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Cultivating Your Own Vitality with Deborah Zucker, N.D.

Deborah Zucker believes that health and vitality are one and the same, so taking care of our health is absolutely necessary for our total wellbeing.

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Jonathan Robinson

Boost Your Joy With The Help Of Technology, Gadgets, And Cognitive Enhancers with Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson helps us look at some criteria that can help us discern which of these technologies and gadgets will enhance our lives, and which we should avoid.

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Carol Pearson

The “Narrative Intelligence” Of The Greek Myths with Carol Pearson, Ph.D.

Carol Pearson tells the stories of four powerful Greek Gods and Goddesses, and how each can trigger a new personal story that helps us notice opportunities, props, and characters that may have been invisible to us before.

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Linda Tucker

Protecting The Sacred White Lions with Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker reveals her quest to save the white lions from extinction, working tirelessly against the enormous forces that are decimating this precious species.

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Karan Bajaj

Living The Yogic Life In A Material World with Karan Bajaj

Karan Bajaj describes how his practice of meditation and yoga supports him in all his endeavors to create a meaningful life.

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May McCarthy

Meeting Daily With Our Chief Spiritual Officer with May McCarthy

May McCarthy tells us how her CSO can be more effective than a team of executives. It is the job of her CSO to make her goals a reality.

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Listening To The Light Of Our Soul with Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo shares that the act of kindness allows us to experience oneness and the connection with all things. Kindness leads to kinship.

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Carla Malden

The Journey Of Losing A Soulmate To Cancer with Carla Malden

This conversation with Carla Malden explores the zigzagging emotions of living with a loved one who is battling a life threatening illness, as well as moving into widowhood.

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John Gray

Consciously Reinventing Masculinity with John Gray, Ph.D. and Arjuna Ardagh

The stereotypical man is becoming a thing of the past as men consciously evolve into more balanced beings, leading to more fulfilling lasting relationships with their partners and a better expression of themselves.

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Terry Tempest Williams

The Heart Of The Wild with Terry Tempest Williams

Take a tour with Williams and find the relevance of our national parks in the 21st century and how these public commons might bring us back home to a united state of humility.

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Amy Scher

Healing The Body By Clearing Emotional Energy with Amy B. Scher

Amy B. Scher says our internal environment is like the soil that feeds the roots of a tree. “We need to go into the soil of our beings which is who we really are, our soul, our body, our mind, our spirit.”

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Mirabai Starr

Digging A Deep Well To Our Spiritual Waters with Mirabai Starr

Mirabai Starr feels that following the interspiritual path goes beyond simply understanding another’s religion. It means “Embracing the sacred in multiple traditions with discipline and passion.”

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Joanna Macy

The Great Turning Or The Great Unraveling: It’s Our Choice with Joanna Macy, Ph.D.

Joanna Macy describes the “Great Turning” as a vital, creative response and wholesale revision of our values and our perceptions toward this precious planet.

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Guy Finley

Meeting Every Moment Without Fear Or Worry with Guy Finley

Guy Finley says says, “The things that I can discover in myself, that I have the courage to see, become integrated in the moment of their discovery. And it is the integration of this consciousness that we call rebirth; that we call creative life.”

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Anat Baniel

Miraculous Help For Special Needs Children with Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel says, “When the brain gets information it needs it will organize that information . . . [and it] starts forming new connection at a ridiculously fast pace.”

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Outliving The Limitation Of Our Personal Stories with Gangaji

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are, our childhood, our memories of the past, our life in the present, are like clothing we put on. How do we separate ourselves from this narrative and uncover the truth of our lives?

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Impermanence And Interconnectedness with Bodhipaksa

Bodhipaksa helps us find our way through past experiences and habitual reactions to build up a sense of oneness, stillness, and perfectness.

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Jacob Needleman

Essential Questions with Jacob Needleman, Ph.D.

Jacob Needleman says there are two parts of ourselves. One part is connected to our environment, earning a living, having a family, and creating things. There is also another part of ourselves which is connected to the universe.

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Mark Wolynn

Ending The Cycle Of Inherited Family Trauma with Mark Wolynn

Wolynn gives several compelling examples of clients who had an aversion but did not have a clue as to its origins. It turned out that it was something that happened in their family that was unknown to them. When uncovering the history of the trauma, healing took place.

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Stephen Dinan

The Need For An Evolutionary Movement In Politics with Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan encourages us to ground ourselves in the deeper values that unite us such as liberty, equality, and justice for all – which are bedrock principles of the United States.

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Lisa Tracy

Why We Love Our “STUFF” And The Stories It Tells with Lisa Tracy

Lisa Tracy says: So many of the objects we save remind us of stories: stories of our childhood, and stories of the history of our families. No wonder it is hard to let them go.

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Matthew McKay

Breaking The Silence Across The Divide Of Death with Matthew McKay, Ph.D.

When Matthew McKay’s 23-year-old son Jordan was suddenly shot and killed, for Matthew it was not the end of Jordan’s life. It was the beginning of a quest to penetrate the veil of death through some extraordinary communications.

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Leslie Shore

The Art Of Listening Well with Leslie Shore

Leslie Shore shares that listening is a process that requires us to use different parts of our brain, and a process that is very rarely taught in formal education.

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Francis Tiso

The Exploration Of The Rainbow Body And The Resurrection Of Jesus with Father Francis Tiso, Ph.D.

Father Francis Tiso travelled to Tibet to gather eye-witness accounts of the dissolution of the body of Kenpo A Chö Rinpoche, who died in 1998.

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Kira Asatryan

At The Heart Of Loneliness with Kira Asatryan

Kira Asatryan gives us examples of how we can cultivate closeness by asking open-ended and inviting questions, the kind that invite people to go deeper in revealing more about themselves.

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James O'Dea

Peace: The Real Game Changer with James O’Dea

James O’Dea tells us that peace is not passive; it is a dynamic force moving across the planet.

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David Gibson

The Healing Power Of Sound with David Gibson

David Gibson suggests that “…emotions are like water, they’re meant to flow. They’re not meant to stay around, they’re meant to move on through.”

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Stephen Jenkinson

Thoughts On Dying Well In A Death-Phobic Culture with Stephen Jenkinson

Jenkinson offers this perspective when asked about wrestling with death as opposed to fighting with it: “As you are dying you get an opportunity to live in a way that your normal life has not granted you… [you] answer the bell and testify deeply to how radically blessed you were to be able to live […]

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Debra Silverman

Knowing the Nature of Your Elemental Personality with Debra Silverman

Debra Silverman explains that knowing your elemental make-up will help you follow your natural instincts and rhythms and will reveal to you your soul’s purpose and what you are here to contribute.

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Isabel Allende

Writing From The Belly with Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende was forced to flee Chile after the 1973 military coup. She now lives in California, writing novels infused with deep knowledge and feeling about the human experience.

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Rejoining The Community Of Nature Through Personal Totems with Lupa

Lupa cautions us to understand that totems, whether they be animal, plants, or fungi, are vibrant, intelligent, dynamic beings sharing the world with us as much as anyone else.

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Martin Adams

Changing Our System Of Land Ownership with Martin Adams

Martin Adams says: “As long as it remains an ongoing reality for the majority of human beings to have to pay other human beings for the land that they’re standing on, the economic system will forever cause wealth inequality at a core level.”

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Andrew Harvey

The Intersection Of Life And Art with Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey says: “The world is going through a cataclysmic falling apart. In a time like this if you want to live happily and in joy and with purpose, you really need to find people who will sustain you and encourage you.”

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James Baraz

Joy And Happiness Are An Inside Job with James Baraz

James Baraz says: “Having a real positive vision, and wanting to make a difference out of love, and out of your own celebration of the beauty and miracle of life, is much more magnetizing and effective engagement than coming from a place of fear.”

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Colleen Mauro

Accessing a Greater Field of Universal Wisdom with Colleen Mauro

Colleen Mauro says says we can meditate in an active way, where we’re “actually using the mind to build a bridge of communication. . . that allows us to make contact from the physical to the spiritual.”

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Loch Kelly

Liberating Yourself Into Open-Hearted Awareness with Loch Kelly, M.Div. LCSW

Loch Kelly says, “It’s not a matter of just having momentary meditation states of freedom and peace of mind. You can actually live from non-conceptual awareness based on an open-hearted sense of being…”

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Christian de Quincey

The Nature Of Consciousness with Christian de Quincey, Ph.D.

Christian de Quincey thinks, rather than saying we create our own reality, it is more accurate to say, “Each of us participates in co-creating a shared reality.” He describes beliefs as “Frozen fragments of consciousness, a snapshot of reality.”

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Justine Willis Toms

Giving Your Fullness Will Take You Where You Need To Go with Justine Willis Toms, DHL

Justine Willis Toms encourages us to “… get out and circulate, if we stay curious about the future, if we tap into hope about the future, but not attach ourselves to how it’s going to look, then we’ll find synchronicities coming to our lives.”

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Susan Piver

The Spiritual Power Of Heartbreak with Susan Piver

In this rich and insightful conversation, Susan Piver invites you to step into your heartbreak with the courage of a warrior, and to embrace your tenderness and fragility with a calm, steady heart.

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