The Heart-Centered Empowerment of Sitting in Circles with Lauren J. Oliver, Ph.D.

November 29, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
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Could you benefit from meeting on a regular basis with a small group of individuals to learn and grow together? Circles of friends and co-workers are meeting faithfully in living rooms, office cafeterias, and other venues. One might ask the question: “What makes these circles so fruitful in the lives of…

Tap Into Your Inner Knowing Through The Body with John J. Prendergast, Ph.D.

March 30, 2022
Read Time: 1 minute
John J. Prendergast
Many spiritual practices guide us in what is known as “waking up.” Even though this process gives us a great sense of freedom and spaciousness, John J. Prendergast suggests that the path to “waking up” is by “waking down.” As we tune into our bodies, we receive messages where our…

Four Keys For Thriving In Chaotic Times with Justine Willis Toms, DHL

May 5, 2021
Read Time: 1 minute
Justine Willis Toms
Consciousness is changing for the better. Along with this leap in consciousness there is some amount of chaos. Toms presents four keys to finding and maintaining our true compass, our true direction in the midst of this great turning. She compares this time to that of a caterpillar inside the…

Aging: A Tender And Ferocious Time with Sherry Ruth Anderson, Ph.D.

December 16, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Sherry Ruth Anderson
What does the territory of aging look like in a society that worships youth? When a realization flashes into our consciousness that we are aging, we tend to tighten up with fear. Negative images of our parents, grandparents, and friends loom before us. Anderson counsels us to move from that…

Forgiveness Is the Path with Ronita Johnson

January 29, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Ronita Johnson
Ronita Johnson is an African American daughter of a preacher who grew up initially in Louisiana and later in Northern California. Here she tells her story of a severe childhood which left her feeling shame, guilt, bitterness, and a general sense of unworthiness. She shares her journey from a devastating…

Calling On The Spirit Of Artemis with Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

January 1, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
The Greeks have given us a wealth of folklore and myths that are full of meaning for our lives. Among them are stories of the Goddess Artemis and her human counterpart, Atalanta. Their myths are rich with complexity, just like life itself. They give us clues as to how to…

Dreams: Messengers Of Wisdom with Anne Scott

September 5, 2018
Read Time: 1 minute
Anne Scott
Our dreams are speaking to us and we must welcome and hold them like a baby. “You have to hold it, remember your dream. You might write it down. You might hold it in your heart or just hold the difficult parts with love. You don’t have to do anything.…

The Care and Feeding of Intentional Communities with Diana Leafe Christian

April 26, 2017
Read Time: 2 minutes
For many decades Diana Leafe Christian has worked with intentional communities and has come to understand some of the most effective ways to sustain them. One of the governance systems she is familiar with is called sociocracy. This structure is used by peers and colleagues, and involves feedback loops and…

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