Microdosing Awe in Our Everyday Life with Jake Eagle, LPC and Michael Amster, M.D.

May 31, 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Free Listening, Interviews
Here we explore the emotion of awe and how we can receive its powerful benefits in our everyday life. Awe gives us a break from processing and judging unwanted events and gives us the capacity to see through them—to see a larger picture and we don’t have to travel to…

An Integral View of Spiritual Experience with Steve McIntosh, J.D.

February 2, 2022
Read Time: 2 minutes
Steve McIntosh
A spiritual experience has been described by some as an encounter with the presence of the infinite within our finite universe of time and space. It takes on many forms and can be conceived of in a wide variety of ways. Here Steve McIntosh addresses such questions as: How do…

How Poetry Can Transform Our Lives with Jane Hirshfield

November 3, 2021
Read Time: 1 minute
Jane Hirshfield
Jane Hirshfield believes that poetry can play a transformative role in our lives. “What poems are doing is counterbalancing the mainstream tenor of our culture, which is to do, to be active, to be energetic and to prove one’s self… and one of the messages underlying all poems that move…

Play Is More Than Just Fun with Stuart Brown, M.D.

February 24, 2021
Read Time: 2 minutes
Stuart Brown
Play is something that’s deeply embedded in our natures. It contributes to mood, to optimism, and to hope for the future. It enables us with the ability to persevere. A world without it would be bleak indeed. Stuart Brown points out, “Play is a fundamental survival drive of humanity without which…

Listening Is A Personal Pilgrimage with Mark Nepo, Ph.D.

December 2, 2020
Read Time: 1 minute
Mark Nepo
Mark Nepo describes deep listening as a very active and engaging process, a pilgrimage of sorts. It is an act of opening our hearts to whatever is before us. This is ultimately a transformative journey that is constantly unfolding and emerging. Deep listening informs our friendships, our giving and receiving,…

A Missionary’s Daughter In Haiti with Apricot Irving

June 20, 2018
Read Time: 1 minute
As a child, Apricot Irving grew up in a sparsely populated desert near Idyllwild, California. When she was six years old her father took a job as an agriculture missionary in Haiti. Suddenly she was surrounded by people everywhere. She says, “You wake up in the morning and people want to…

Exploring the Sacred Feminine with Lisa Schrader

March 21, 2018
Read Time: 2 minutes
Lisa Schrader
Schrader gives an example of Shakti energy, “Our Shakti is a feminine lifeforce energy that marries with our well-honed masculine skills to create new life, which could be a biological child, or a project, a new business, or painting, or an amazing pot of soup. It’s creative life force energy.”  She goes…

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