Spotlight: A Shared Sense of Community

POSTED October 15, 2023 IN

Margaret Wheatley, Ph.D. is one of the most perceptive observers of the patterns of civilizations. She observes, “We cannot live in this world without a commonly shared sense of what is important, what is of value, what is ‘real’.” She also shares the profound understanding that what distinguishes living systems from machines is their ability to learn. A healthy living system is a good learner and can thrive even though its environment is moving toward increasing disorder. The importance of a shared sense of what is of value and life-long learning in disorderly times are two of the many topics she explores in these most relevant programs specially selected from our archive of programs.

Persevering No Matter What
with Margaret J. Wheatley, Ph.D.

Program 3370
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What drags us under when we experience set-backs, failures, criticism while working for a cause, person, or place? Wheatley advises us to work with as much diligence as we can. She says that in the end it is about feeling that it is our work to do and doing it with vigor and enjoyment even though we don’t know what the outcome will be. Read more »

Warriors For The Human Spirit
with Margaret J. Wheatley, Ph.D.

Program 3460
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In this time of constant distractions and disappointment we become exhausted and heartsick as our good work is ignored. Wheatley speaks with fierce honesty as she gives us the map of where we are. She also gives us tools that enliven and reinvigorate us in our work and relationships. She’s the author of So Far From Home: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World. Read more »

Courage, Conversation and Changing The World
with Margaret J. Wheatley, Ph.D.

Program 3082
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Never before in human history have we been exposed to so much data from so many sources, a veritable deluge. According to Wheatley, “We have to slow down. Nothing will change for the better until we do. We need time to think, to learn, to get to know each other. We are losing these great human capacities in the speed-up of modern life, and it is killing us.” Read more »

 Becoming Warriors For The Human Spirit
with Margaret J. Wheatley, Ph.D.

Program 3665
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Every living system goes through a life cycle: birth, creativity, flowering, harvesting, and then death. Wheatley points out that we are at the end of a cycle and she warns us: “It’s important that we understand where we are in the pattern of collapse and not throw up our hands in despair . . .but to understand: Now that this is happening, who do I choose to be?”  Read more »

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