Spotlight: Love & Compassion Must Be Embedded in Action

POSTED March 9, 2024 IN

These four programs are specially selected from our archive and include a scientist, a pioneer in the exploration of human consciousness, a Buddhist monk, a physicist, and an environmentalist who share their extensive experience of social change, the essence of nonviolence, and how love and compassion must be embedded in action.

 Your Intuitive Mind Could Save The World
with Claudio Naranjo, M.D.

Program 3347
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He explains the origins of patriarchy that led to the violence, oppression, and greed and our dependence on reason at the expense of instinct.  Read more »

Alan Clements

The World Dharma of Freedom and Non-Violence
with Alan Clements

Program 3433
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Clements challenges us to step out of the confines of set traditions, authority, and religion. He encourages us to move into a post-hierarchical time where “nirvana” is not static and the mindful mind – observing one’s self – is not mistaken for “dharma intelligence” – a liberating authenticity devoid of dogma, spiritual mimicry, and the pretense of certainty.  Read more »

Will KeepinThe Transformative Path of Divine Love
with Will Keepin, Ph.D.

Program 3599
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Keepin states that the essence of God resides in the heart; this supreme reality is deeply personal. His work as both a scientist and a seeker of spiritual wisdom reveals that we are witnessing the birth of a vast, unified worldview that unites and cross-fertilizes East and West. This far-ranging conversation also includes a scientific view of consciousness and more. Read more »

The Essence of Erosion and Evolution
with Terry Tempest Williams

Program 3691
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Here we stare down our present situation without flinching but with radical hope as Williams reminds us that love and beauty is felt in chaos and heartbreak. Healing is going beyond anger; It’s a process of eroding and evolving at once. We must let go of our certainty to come back into a place of communion and communication with each other and with the earth. Read more »

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