Spotlight: Finding Joy and Restoring Flow in Our Lives

Graphic and composite by New Dimensions

What are the gifts our emotions – even strong, seemingly negative ones – bring to us? How do the stages of birth influence our future lives? Why is it so difficult to ask for help from others? How can we separate pain from suffering? What are the gifts of challenges and disappointments? The answers to these and many other questions are discovered with these explorers of consciousness and can be found on these four programs specially selected from the New Dimensions archive.

Emotions Are The Water Of Our Souls
with Karla McLaren

Program 3364
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Emotions are messengers that help us learn and evolve. Explore how we can channel our emotions and work with them in vibrant and ingenious ways. McLaren reveals five empathic skills to use so you won’t be knocked over by your strong emotional flows. Learn how to burn your “unconscious contracts.” Read more »

Thomas Armstrong

From Birth To Death, The Odyssey Of Our Human Experience 
with Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.

Program 3399
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Using the metaphor of developmental stages, Armstrong takes us on a mythical and psychological tour including many examples of historical individuals, and how their four-stage birthing process played out on the world stage. He suggests that our brains are still forming into old age. Read more »

The Healing Power Of Journaling
with Diana Raab

Program 3431
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Raab is an expert in journaling, and she encourages each of us to make it part of our daily lives. Journaling can clear your mind, improve your mental status, and can help you find your joy. She shares some very specific suggestions about how to write poetry. Read more »

Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Quantum Mind – Quantum Joy
with Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Program 2409
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Dr. Goswami delivers this most encouraging statement: “Consciousness in its primacy is joy. Once we have a taste of this primal joy, we can never forget it.” He’s an Indian-born physicist and philosopher who has been pursuing a deeper truth in science which has led him to the conclusion that understanding human consciousness is central to understanding modern physics. Read more »