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Ronita JohnsonAiring October 14 – 20, 2020

A Candid Conversation Between A White Woman and African American Woman About Racism
with Ronita Johnson
Program 3709

This is a most candid and revealing conversation on the subject of systemic racism and culture. Here the two women converse about what we’ve learned, what continues to scare us, and our hope for the future. When asked how white people can become better allies to people of color, Ronita gives a sweeping list of things that people can do.

Guy Finley

Airing October 21 – 27, 2020

Tapping Into The Powerful Resource of Effective Prayer
with Guy Finley
Program 3710

Finley explores the most effective use of prayer beyond making wishes and petitions to the Divine. He says, “Prayer can help us discover that which is already living in us and is everything that we ever wanted, hoped, or actually imagined was possible.” He also outlines the 5-prayers for self-transformation.

Airing October 28 – November 3, 2020

Diving Deep Into An Understanding Of Medical Cannabis
with Bonni Goldstein, M.D.
Program 3713

Through cannabis medicine, Bonni Goldstein, M.D. has helped thousands of suffering patients find relief from chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions. Here she explains the current state of scientific research and offers actionable advice in using various forms of medical cannabis including information about the combination of TCB and CBD compounds and their effects.

Airing November 4-10, 2020Andrew Forsthoefel

Becoming A Trustworthy Listener
with Andrew Forsthoefel
Program 3610

Andrew Forsthoefel created for himself a coming of age ritual. After graduating from college, he took a year to walk 4,000 miles across America. Along the way, he experienced the hospitality and wisdom of hundreds of strangers and encountered countless remarkable stories. He reveals how he became a trustworthy listener. Tune-in and be inspired by this authentic tale.

 Airing November 11-17, 2020

Firefighter Wisdom For Tough Times
with Hersch Wilson

Program 3714

Here we are speaking with a volunteer firefighter-EMT who is committed to revealing how first responders can guide us in ways to act more effectively in our own lives. With insightful and practical wisdom he advises, and it is his experience, that it is helpful to approach life’s inevitable emergencies with the intention to remain calm and act creatively.

 Airing November 18-24, 2020

Our Multiplicity of Selves  
with James Fadiman, Ph.D. and Jordan Gruber, J.D.
Program 3711

We are an unruly republic of independent entities, a multiplicity of selves. In this dialogue we explore how we discover, honor, and work with each of these selves. You’ll discover how awareness heals as we become aware of the reality of our own selves and the selves of others.

Kristen Moeller

Airing November 25 – December 1, 2020

Stop Waiting To Live The Life You Love
with Kristen Moeller
Program 3506

Even though Moeller had experienced a myriad of self-help workshops, books, and teachers she discovered that a part of her was still waiting for everything to be perfect before fully stepping into the life she longed to be living. Then, her home and all her possessions burned to the ground in a wildfire. Tune in and be inspired by the lessons she has learned.