No Longer A Time For Isolation

Almost every day I hear from a friend who’s feeling overwhelmed by the pace at which life is coming at them. So many of us are struggling to find ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the immensity of what is required to keep our emotional and physical bodies above water.

My saving grace is to remember to circulate not isolate. It’s essential to get out of the house and rub shoulders with life even as we are being seduced by the perfume of mainstream media that bewitches us into becoming paranoid and paralyzed with its continuous loop of disasters, downturns, and miseries. Let’s make a commitment to get out and circulate. Remember that circulation brings surprising gifts, synchronicities, allies, and opportunities ­and spirit wants to help. In order to receive this gift of divine assistance we need to make ourselves available by stepping out of our small rooms, and entering the yeasty flow in the corridors of life. It’s truly a time to circulate not isolate.

by Justine Willis Toms
August, 2012