New Worlds Emerge When Patterns Break Down with Marguerite Moore Callaway

The world in is a massive realignment process.  The context we’ve been used to has shifted, and is calling for new ways of adapting to many conditions that have never existed before.  The world is changing, and we must learn to move and change with it.  Each of us must cultivate our leadership capacities and assume responsibility to manifest creative solutions. Callaway shares how we can cultivate our own leadership qualities. She also describes a path through these perilous times, “It is not always straightforward. Leaders need to be able to live in ambiguity We need to get real time information from diverse perspectives to be able to get a clear picture of where we are.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

Marguerite Callaway is founder of an international leadership and management consultancy, The Callaway Leadership Institute. Her many projects take her all over the world to several countries in Africa and to China and many other places, as well. She’s the author of The Energetics of Business and the forthcoming Leadership and the Unknown. To learn more about the work of Marguerite Callaway go

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • What are some techniques we need to employ for finding solutions in these chaotic times
  • How can we develop courage
  • What are the attributes of a good leader
  • Why must we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and know our strengths and weaknesses
  • How can we cultivate our own leadership qualities
  • Why we need the reflection of trusted friends to encourage us and give us perspective on our life
  • Why, in this time of major change, it is not a time to live in isolation

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