Finding Grace from the Corner of Our Eye

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Image Source: Dreamstime |  © Iakov Filimonov

In a recent interview with Ron Pevny, which will be airing in September, we talked about the recognition of moments of grace. I pointed out that these precious moments are unpredictable and it is difficult to notice them when our lives are in a frenzy of busy-ness. When focusing straight on at the world, we may not register the illusive moments of grace, which fly by so fast and with such stealth that they may only be caught out of the corner of our eye.

Pevny suggests that being in nature can help us to recognize more easily the wealth of blessings unfolding before us. He says, “I think that in order to notice the subtle but powerful things that happen in our lives we need to have times in our lives when we are quieter, when the mind isn’t racing, when we’re not multitasking and engaging in a million things at once. I strongly believe that the more time we give ourselves in the natural work, being quiet, the more able we are to feel those subtle moments of grace, those subtle movements in us. . . I strongly encourage people to spend quiet time in a focused mindful way in nature.”

Pevny goes on to remind us of the importance of gratitude: “Gratitude is critical. When we adopt gratitude as a practice then that opens us up to seeing the grace in everything that has happened, that we might not otherwise see. Gratitude is absolutely critical.”

– Justine Willis Toms