Editor’s Desk: High Noticing Versus Habituation

When we choose high noticing, we have the ability for our eyes to be wide open and to be more aware and conscious. It helps us stay curious and open to new strategies, behaviors, and energy.

Whereas habituation is patterned behavior. It’s looking from the viewpoint of the groove of what has worked before. It’s a place where we are asleep and without noticing we take the path that we’ve taken so many times before. As the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

I’m suggesting we look deeply at where we are choosing the seemingly easy, habitual path and where we might go to high noticing to tap into the possibility of new and more effective strategies in our life.

Let’s be ruthless in looking at our habitual patterns. Maybe it’s fear of failure that causes us to steer away from new pathways. Or, maybe it’s because we are just too busy and overwhelmed to try new things and we just don’t’ have the energy. These are just a couple of suggestions. I know you all will come up with others.

-Justine Willis Toms