Richard Moss: Touching Minds and Hearts

March 2, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
“There is no way New Dimensions, and Michael and Justine Toms can ever know how many minds and hearts have been touched by their work. While New Dimensions showcases visionary thought leaders, it is Justine and (the late) Michael Toms who are the roots and the branches of this contribution…

In a Dark Wood with Anthony Lawlor

February 3, 2016
Read Time: 1 minute
dark woods
Former guest Anthony Lawlor shared this wonderful story with us. “One night I was driving through Iowa and Michael Toms was interviewing David Whyte on New Dimensions. They were talking about Dante. I was in the mid-point of my life and had come to a [metaphoric] dark wood. This conversation…

Sacredness and Purpose

January 27, 2016
Read Time: 1 minute
The late historian, Howard Zinn once said, “To live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” As you know, New Dimensions consistently reconnects us with an unshakable sense of sacredness and purpose that infuses our…

Consciousness Is Changing For The Better

January 13, 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
New Dimensions listeners have sustained us for over four decades with their support. This financial assistance has been a major help in keeping the broadcasts beaming out as we move into a new era of peace, sustainability, and creativity. We are excited about the themes our guests are pointing out…

Wonder and Awe Triumphs Over Fear and Apathy

January 6, 2016
Read Time: 1 minute
wonder and awe
As 2015 recedes into memory we have an opportunity to make 2016 a success in all ways. For our part, New Dimensions continues to be committed to curiosity, wonder, awe, creativity, and connection over fear, apathy, anger, and separation. In this past year many program guests have confirmed the fact…

Tap Into Your Innate Genius

December 30, 2015
Read Time: 1 minute
broadcast coming soon
As you know, the deep dialogues you hear on New Dimensions tap into the experience and wisdom of some of the world’s most innovative, enlightened, and trustworthy wisdom leaders. New Dimensions sows the seeds of encouragement and confidence that, together, we can successfully meet the challenges of the 21st Century.…

Deep Listening with Coleman Barks

December 23, 2015
Read Time: 1 minute
deep listening
“New Dimensions is one of my favorite things. The Sufis call it the deep listening. It is the kind of conversation that goes on between the heart and the mind that Michael Toms is so good at sponsoring. He gets people to talk from this deep place. Listening to New…

Perfect Words of Wisdom from New Dimensions

December 16, 2015
Read Time: 1 minute
Take a moment to get in touch with how some particular New Dimensions program has touched you. Recall a moment when the perfect words of wisdom spoke to your heart. As you know so well, New Dimensions is making a big difference in people’s lives. And with your financial contribution…

Power Up Your Imagination

December 2, 2015
Read Time: 2 minutes
electric connection
A Message from Justine Willis Toms Power up your imagination with New Dimensions program guests as we continue to bring the most inspiriting, impelling, and practical programming available on the planet. Revive yourself with the substantial New Dimensions roster of guests. As you know our special programming is unlike any other…

Ethan Nichtern and Our Website

November 18, 2015
Read Time: 1 minute
Our website needs your help
Ethan Nichtern on New Dimensions Interviews Recently we have brought to the New Dimensions airwaves the wisdom of Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern. Here is what he has to say about New Dimensions and Justine Willis Toms as host. “New Dimensions doesn’t feel like other interviews that I’ve done. The fact that…

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