May Broadcast Schedule

Free Listening Air Dates

The “Airing” dates below indicate when radio stations air our programs. FREE LISTENING for each program is available for two weeks following the initial air date.  Just go to our Home Page and scroll down to Free Listening.  All of these featured programs are one hour long, and are available for purchase and download.

Airing May 5 -11, 2021Justine Willis Toms

Four Keys For Thriving In Chaotic Times
with Justine Willis Toms, DHL
Program 3522

This is an edited talk that Justine Willis Toms gave in the summer of 2014. She includes the four keys to thriving in chaotic times and compares this time to that of a caterpillar inside the cocoon where it liquefies and the imaginal cells begin to coalesce, soon to emerge as a butterfly. She suggests that we are the imaginal cells of the changing of an age.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Airing May 12 – 18, 2021

Quantum Wholeness
Sky Nelson-Isaacs
Program 3725

Nelson-Isaacs shares the good news that the cosmos is responsive and synchronicity occurs to help us come into our wholeness. Here we explore some of the filters that hold us back from being our whole, vibrant, creative selves and some tools to help us achieve it.

Airing May 19 – 25, 2021

The Timeless and Urgent Wisdom of Joseph Chilton Pearce
Michael Mendizza
Program 3729

The deepening of personal transformation is an ongoing act of self-discovery and we’re standing on the shoulders of the many pioneers in the study of the astonishing capacities of the human mind and spirit. One such pioneer is the late Joseph Chilton Pearce, whose work has encompassed many decades of extensive research and inquiry into human consciousness.

Airing May 26 – June 1, 2021

Cosmic Messengers: Extraterrestrials
with Alan Steinfeld
Program 3730

Here we explore a larger picture of human life as relating to the cosmos. Steinfeld says, “I think the opportunity that meeting the others, making contact, expands our consciousness. It expands the potential of our humanity. I think that’s what’s so important. We have to open another part of our mind in order to relate to the possibility.