Music Playlist for New Dimensions February 2018 Programs

Airing the Week of February 7-13, 2018

The Meaning Of Refuge with Terry Tempest Williams
Program 2294


From Album: Desert Vision
Artists: David Lanz and Paul Speer
 1987 Narada Equinoxe #ND-63003

From Album: Return of the Condor
Artist: Inti Illimani
1989 BBC Records #REH 515

  From Album: Sunlit Reverie
Artist: Radhika Miller
1985 Radhika Miller Music #RMM-1101

From Album: Songbirds – The beauty of birdsong
Auvidis #A6117

 From Album: Chaco Canyon
Artist: Rusty Crutcher
1990 Emerald Green Sound #ED 8404
Track – Soft Eyes (Owl cry)


Airing the Week of February 14-20, 2018

A Wild And Laughing God with Tessa Bielecki 
Program 3301


From Album: Soundings
Artist: Noirin Ni Riain
1993 Eye Music/MCPS, #OSS CD 88 (Sounds True)

Music Break 1: Track 03 Seacht nDolas Na Maighdine Muire (The Seven Sorrows of Mary) Irish Traditional
Music Break 2: Track 12 O Filii Et Filae (O Sons and Daughters) Gregorian Chant)
Music Break 3: Track 13 An Caoineadh (The Lament) Irish Traditional

Airing the Week of February 21-27, 2018

Strengthening Your Ability To Pay Attention with Winifred Gallagher
Program 3306

 From Album: Secret Story
Artist: Pat Metheny
1992 Geffen Records #GEFD-24468

Opening Essay: Track 03 Cathedral in a Suitcase
Music Break 1: Track 02 Facing West
Music Break 2: Track 10 As a Flower Blossoms
Music Break 3: Track 04 Finding and Believing

Airing the Week of February 28 – March 6, 2018

A Premonition About Premonitions with Larry Dossey, M.D.
Program 3313

From Album: Oracle
Artist: Michael Hedges
1996 Windham Hill #CSL 02

Opening Essay: Track 01 The 2nd Law
Music Break 1: Track 05 Jitterboogie
Music Break 2: Track 02 Ignition
Music Break 3: Track 07 Gospel

Airing the Week of November 29 – December 5, 2017

Intelligent Evolution with Nicki Scully
Program 3439

 Essential Tri Atma

From Album: Essential Tri Atma
Artist: Tri Atma
1990 HOMC 7028 Higher Octive

Opening Essay: Track 01 Namaskar
Music Break 1: Track 05 Taschi Delek
Music Break 2: Track 02 Natural Loving
Music Break 3: Track 08 Neverending