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Patrice Vecchione

The Wall-Less Rooms Of Nature That Inspire Imagination with Patrice Vecchione

  Nature and art share the quality of perseverance and optimism. Vecchione illustrates this when she says, “Art is optimistic. No matter what emotions a piece of art may convey, art-making itself is a refusal to be plowed under by doubt, political systems, poverty or any number of other things.” She goes on to point out that […]

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Michael Meade

Genius: The Divine Mission of the Soul with Michael Meade

True genius isn’t necessarily a high IQ score or prodigy, although it often manifests as such. It’s the spirit within each of us. Meade explains that “the genius is a unique spirit in a person; it’s the part of them that makes them unique and it’s tied to their destiny, or the destination of their soul…” He […]

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Tim Ryan

Mindfulness Practice: Slowing Down – Tapping Into Our Inner Resources with Congressman Tim Ryan

Congressman Ryan has a dream for America which is to create a society that has healthcare for all, has a sustainable eco-system, fosters creativity at the highest levels, and includes time to connect with family and friends.  He sees us slowing down and becoming more kind and more aware. To help us do this, he […]

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Living Well On Less Money with John Robbins

Many of us are finding that we are needing to adjust our way of life. Circumstances such as the downturn of the economy, or being downsized at work are causing many people great anxiety. Others are facing retirement, and find that their retirement fund may have lost a great deal of its value.  How can […]

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