Surviving 2012 — And Beyond with Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

There’s no shortage of reports on the deepening ecological crisis, and many of those are linked to forecasts of global cataclysm at the end of 2012. Professor Ervin Laszlo’s projections are as grim as any-he says our planet can’t sustain current populations for more than ten or twenty years unless we make some radical changes. But he also believes that a simple shift in values and beliefs will enable us to implement the necessary changes and lay the groundwork for a new culture, a new civilization-a new world. The technologies we need are available to us now, but applying them will require us to step up to a higher level of consciousness. Dr. Laszlo explains, “The old way of handling ourselves and the planet are producing more heat than light, and this epoch is coming to an end. This is an emergency that gives the opportunity for an emergence of something new. So the objective is to have enough foresight so that we can start changing in a way in which all human beings, in the embrace of nature together with all the other species, can survive and can develop and further evolve.”

Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Ervin Laszlo holds a Ph.D. in Lettres et Sciences Humaines from the Sorbonne in Paris, an honorary medal from the Kyung Hee University in Seoul, and an honorary doctorate in economic sciences from the Turku School of Economics and Business in Finland. He is the author of more than eighty books translated into twenty-two languages. His most recent is Worldshift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics, and Higher Consciousness Work Together (Inner Traditions 2009). To learn more about the work of Ervin Laszlo go to or

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • What science has to say about the changes coming in 2012
  • What steps we can take to make the planet livable
  • What is the Club of Budapest
  • What is the only source of energy that is sustainable for the long term
  • Which company is working on a car that cleans the air as you drive

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