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Writing From The Heart with Isabel Allende


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If you’ve ever wished to sit down over a cup of tea and a plate of chocolates for an intimate conversation with a favorite author, you’ll treasure this dialogue. Isabel Allende reflects on her early years in Chile, her decision to take her family into exile, the culture she left behind, and her views on politics and feminism in the world today. Ms. Allende shares the events and emotional experiences that inspired the writing of her books, and explains how storytelling defines her life. “I see the world as stories, evolving stories, interconnected stories, and for me to explain something I always have to go to the story. If I have to tell you who I am, I will have to tell you my story. That’s how I see the world.”


Isabel Allende is the author of six novels and a collection of short stories, as well as Paula (HarperCollins 1995), a memoir about her daughter’s death; A young peoples’ novel, City of Beasts (Rayo 2002); and My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile (HarperCollins 2003).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • Discover what you can and cannot trust
  • What is the truth that lies at the heart of fiction
  • The similarity between the moment of life and the moment of death
  • The 1974 coup against Salvador Allende, the CIA’s involvement, and the military oppression that followed
  • How Americans are perceived in the rest of the world
  • What is the status of feminism outside the United States
  • Chocolate

Host: Michael Toms                 Interview Date: 7/7/2003               Program Number: 2996


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