Winning Ways with Wayne Dyer


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Full of high energy and zest for life, psychologist and best-selling author Dyer suggests a myriad of methods to become more conscious parents and live life more fully. As the author of the best-selling book of the 70s decade,Your Erroneous Zones (Funk & Wagnalls 1976), Dyer has become known as a purveyor of common-sense wisdom that is eminently useful, and this dialogue is no exception, as he shares his optimism and upbeat perspective about everything from how to be a better parent to bringing peace to the planet. He is also the author of What Do You Really Want for Your Children? (Morrow 1985). (For other New dimensions dialogues with Wayne Dyer find programs #1774, #2153, #2349, #2622, #2814)

Dyer is a psychotherapist and educator and one of the pioneers of the self-development movement and is author of many books and CD sets including Your Erroneous Zones (Funk & Wagnalls 1976), Real Magic (HarperCollins 1992), Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Principles for Getting Everything You Want (HarperCollins 1997), The Power of Intention (Hay House 2004), and Your Ultimate Calling (Hay House 2006). To learn more about the work of Wayne Dyer go to

Program Number: 1967                     Host: Michael Toms                      Interview Date: 11/21/1985


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