We’re Not Who We Think We Are with Christian de Quincey


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It’s a paradox: Whatever separates us connects us. Most of us think we are individuals first and foremost who then come together to form relationships. But what if we are not who we think we are but what we feel instead? In this provocative dialogue Christian de Quincey recommends we forge a bond between the mind and the heart, and “feel our thinking.” It is ultimately through conscious, consensual relationships that we mine the depths of what is means to be a human tuner and receiver for a much vaster intelligence. de Quincey points out that wisdom is more than just a match between ideals, “wisdom carries with it a component of compassion. Wisdom is something that includes reason, but transcends reason by including other ways of knowing.”


Christian de Quincey, PhD. is a professor of consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University, cofounder of The Visionary Edge, and an international speaker on consciousness, cosmology, and spirituality. He is the award-winning author of Radical Nature (Invisible Cities Press 2002) and Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship (Park Street Press 2005). To learn more about the work of Christian de Qunicey go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can go from knowing to Radical Knowing
  • Why is relationship such an integral part of consciousness?
  • Where did consciousness first arise in evolution?
  • What are the four gifts of knowing?
  • What is the paradox of interconnectedness?
  • Why practicing not believing your beliefs is so important
  • How the “Four Gifts of Knowing” can impact your life

Host: Michael Toms            Interview Date: 3/3/2006                  Program Number: 3136              


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