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Vehicles For Change with Michael Meade


Product: MP3 Download
Program Number: C0014
Host: Michael Toms
Interview Date: 8/13/2007
Length: 15 minutes

Product Description

Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, author, scholar of mythology, and student of ritual in traditional cultures. He has scoured the world to bring to us meaningful folk tales that tap into ancestral sources of wisdom, and acts as a guide to connect them to the stories we are living today. Meade is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation.

Michael Meade’s books include:

He is the creator of many CD and audio recordings as well, such as:

To learn more about the work of Michael Meade go to www.mosaicvoices.org.

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The full one-hour version of this program is available here for purchase and download:

The Renewal Of Culture with Michael Meade


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