True Prosperity with Shakti Gawain


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When most of us think of prosperity, we immediately think of money. Shakti Gawain has another definition: “Prosperity is the experience of having what we truly need and want in life. Prosperity is an experience, it doesn’t come from anything external.” Without disregarding the important role money plays, Gawain believes that problems with money often point toward some spiritual or emotional block or area of needed healing. Recognizing that we are here, after all, to do more than make lots of money frees us to pursue our deepest longings, and discard false desires that serve neither heart nor soul.


Shakti Gawain is a workshop leader and pioneer in the fields of creativity, intuition and expanding consciousness and is a publisher and author of ten books including the best-selling classic Creative Visualization (New World Library revised 1995) Her latest book is Creating True Prosperity (New World Library 1997).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How to access your intuition
  • The poverty of time and how to reclaim some of your own
  • How to integrate the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical
  • Making contact and learning to love your many selves
  • What it means when money becomes a problem in your life
  • Why it is just as important to receive as to give
  • What prosperity really means
  • The incredible variety of spiritual practices
  • How men and women are coming into balance

Host: Michael Toms             Interview Date: 12/15/1997                  Program Number: 2696           


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