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The Soul Of A Dolphin with Brenda Peterson


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“If you have an animal so advanced that being around them creates a kind of bliss in us, instead of enslaving that animal, why not just borrow their beautiful, free sounds?” Brenda Peterson is a gifted nature writer who has spent her life observing and interacting with animals in profound ways. Her intimate lifelong relationship with dolphins has led her to seek ways for us to engage them without harm, and still benefit from their amazing capacity to heal. This sensitive and deeply compassionate woman inspires us to recognize the true nature of all animals-their intelligence, their emotions, even their souls-and to relate to them as fellow beings deserving of our utmost respect and our reverence. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Brenda Peterson is a novelist, nature writer, and writing teacher. Her work has appeared in The New York TimesChicago Tribune, and O: The Oprah Magazine.

Brenda Peterson’s books include:

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Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • What would our world be like if there were no more dolphins, no more whales
  • How we might apprentice ourselves to an animal species
  • What are the ethics of swimming with dolphins
  • Why the U.S. Navy’s sonar program has a deadly effect on marine life
  • How to use animal allies to promote psychological healing

Host: Justine Willis Toms            Interview Date: 8/1/2003                    Program Number: 3001 


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