The Heart Of Creativity with Michael Jones


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Michael Jones, a musician as well as a management consultant, has made his life a journey toward integrating the various aspects of himself into a complete and creative whole, enriching his life beyond anything he imagined possible. His stories may compel you to feel that silent undercurrent that pulls us all towards the work which can only be done by each of us–the original gift that is ours alone to bring to the world. He will challenge you to step out of your familiar, comfortable world into the unknown, which he says “can be a very friendly place to be. In fact, the familiar world is, in many ways, an enticement, but the real richness of life is found elsewhere.”


A corporate consultant, renowned composer, pianist and the founding recording artist of Narada Media, Jones is also the author of Creating an Imaginative Life (1995 Conari Press).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • Piano as a form of dialogue
  • Ways the creative process works
  • Discovering the artist in you
  • Changing corporate America with the help of a piano
  • Coping with “stage fright” for performers
  • Finding creativity outside the usual realms
  • Reintegrating business and art
  • How nature can help get you in touch with your creative side

Host: Michael Toms                Interview Date: 5/29/1997                Program Number: 2633                  


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