Shamanism For Our Time with Ruth-Inge Heinze


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Shamanism has survived through human history because it still fulfills needs which are otherwise not met. In whatever environment shamans work, they shift the attention of their clients into the interconnectedness so necessary, especially in urban societies. Drawing on her long and rich life experience, in Hitler’s Germany in the first half of her life and then, in the following thirty-eight years, meditating and working with shamans, particularly in Southeast Asia, psychological anthropologist Heinze offers exciting insights about the work of shamans in our time. “Shamans access alternate states of consciousness at will, and translate the ineffable into secular language,” she observes. “They still have a vital role in whatever society they emerge.”


The late Ruth-Inge Heinze passed in 2007. She was the author of Shamans of the 20th Century (Irvington 1991) and the organizer of the annual “International Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternate Modes of Healing.”

Host: Michael Toms                      Interview Date: 3/4/1992                    Program Number: 2313                        


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