Re-Creating Community with Robert Theobald


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A new world view is dawning. The pace of technology and shifting scientific paradigms have shaken the foundations of our planet. Robert Theobald compares the acceleration of change in our lives to riding the rapids: “We can decide whether we’re going to go down the rapids and enjoy ourselves, or go down the rapids and be terrified. But we can’t say we’re not going to go down them at all … or pretend we’re just sitting on the riverbank.” Explaining his great faith in our ability to change the world, Theobald offers many ways to begin making the world the kind of place we all want to live in, from community involvement to rethinking social justice in the global economy.


Theobald is the author of over twenty-five books dealing with change, economics and related issues, notably Turning the Century (Knowledge Systems 1992), The Rapids of Change (Knowledge Systems 1987) and Reworking Success: New Communities at the Millennium (New Society Publishers 1997).

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • Escaping the “problem box” to reach solutions
  • Being willing to change
  • Getting the best from both the political right and the left
  • Differentiating between economic and social questions
  • Avoiding information overload
  • Moving beyond the welfare trap
  • Recognizing that “it might be broke, but we can fix it”
  • Enabling people to do good, not just preventing them from doing harm

Host: Michael Toms                   Interview Date: 7/18/1997               Program Number: 2645               


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