Quantum Consciousness with Danah Zohar


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Our picture of the world is being shaped by quantum theory. This dialogue explores the radical, exciting implications of quantum theory for personal and social life. It offers the possibility of a new understanding of the nature of human consciousness, physical reality, God, creativity, social activity, the future of science, and more. This new understanding may change how we see ourselves, and how we relate to the world. “If we’re quantum people,” Zohar says, “we’re completely different from what we thought we were. It has vast implications…. Instead of being strangers and gypsies on the edge of an alien world, as people said about us in the old physics, we become fully members and partners in this universe.”


She is a scientist and philosopher, and the author of The Quantum Self (Quill 1990) and The Quantum Society (Morrow 1994). To learn more about the work of Danah Zohar go to www./

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • The meaning and significance of the “quantum vacuum”
  • Three kinds of thinking that the human brain does
  • A new view of “the mind of God”
  • The implications of quantum theory for mystical spirituality
  • What “Bose-Einstein condensates” tell us about reality
  • The nature of consciousness, in terms of modern physics
  • Humans as co-creators of physical reality
  • A new dimension to “loving your neighbor as yourself”
  • The story of the street people at an Oxford cafe
  • How philosophy is becoming an integral part of science
  • A quantum-physical view of social plurality
  • The nature of creativity, order and chaos

Host: Michael Toms                   Interview Date: 12/15/1994                   Program Number: 2508                 


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