Mayan Myth And Legend with Martin Prechtel


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Twenty-five years ago, a young musician and painter named Martin Prechtel, a half-blood Native American with a Pueblo Indian upbringing, wandered through the brilliant landscapes of Mexico and Guatemala. Arriving at Santiago Atitlan, a Tzutujil Mayan village, Prechtel met Nicolas Chiviliu Tacaxoy–perhaps the most famous shaman in Tzutujil history–who believed Prechtel was the new student he had asked the gods to provide. For the next thirteen years, Prechtel studied the ancient Tzutujil culture, and became a village chief, and a famous shaman in his own right. Prechtel mixes Mayan myths with a first-person account of his efforts to escape from Guatemala with his family intact during the 1980s civil war that tore the country apart. In this dialogue you will get a privileged and rare glimpse into the complex and spiritually rich life of the Mayan culture, with tales filled with enchantment, danger, passion, and hope. “It is very good to be a coward because it is the only way you can gain courage.”


Martin Prechtel is a renowned artist and healer, and leads workshops and gives lectures across the country. He is the author of The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun (North Atlantic Books 2006); Long Life, Honey in the Heart (North Atlantic Books 2004); Secrets of the Talking Jaguar (Tarcher 1999) and The Toe Bone and the Tooth (Element Books 2004). To find out more information about the work of Martin Prechtel go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can be ritually fed and how does it relate to the year 2012
  • What is the importance of the thirteen Mayans
  • When being a coward allows you to be courageous.
  • Why do the Mayans never visit their own temples
  • Why shamanic rituals were important to the Mayans

Host: Michael Toms          Interview Date: 5/18/2006                        Program Number: 3155               


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