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Does mental clutter cause emotional suffering in your life? Do you want to feel more grounded or express more charisma? We do have the capacity to shift away from negative habits and moods and begin enjoying a more rewarding life. Inspired by his grandfather and J. Krishnamurti, John Selby, psychologist, therapist, and educator, reveals ways to learn how to take charge of your life and move into a more productive, creative, and easeful state of mind, at home and at work. Selby presents a simple and direct approach to how we manage our own personal energy and brings home how crucial it is, not only to succeeding in life, but to survival itself. Listen to how you can manage your individual energy supply to consciously determine what you manifest in life. For more than 30 years he has conducted research into the Take Charge of Your Mind Process: A Cognitive-Shifting and Awareness-expansion process. “All of my work at this point is simply doing one thing – helping people turn their focus of attention in directions that further them.” (hosted by Michael Toms & Justine Willis Toms)


John Selby is the producer and designer of a major online-training system and is the author of over 30 books, including Seven Masters: One Path (HarperSanFrancisco 2003), Quiet Your Mind (Inner Ocean 2004), Meditation: The Cool Way to Calm (Turtle Publishing 2004), and co-author of Take Charge of Your Mind: Core Skills to Enhance Your Performance, Wellbeing, & Integrity at Work (Hampton Roads 2006). To learn more about the work of John Selby go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How can you move from being less stressed and worried to more creative and friendly
  • Why dwelling on the past and feeling anxious needs to end
  • What are the seven focus phrases and why are they so powerful
  • How to liberate your mind from deep-seated prejudices and self-judgments
  • How is “taking charge of your mind” successfully integrated into management and daily work
  • What is cognitive shifting and how does it apply in your daily life

Host: Justine & Michael Toms           Interview Date: 8/12/2005                      Program Number: 3126            


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