Living The Wild Life with Jane Goodall


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At a meeting in 1962, a young woman turned the scientific community upside down with the announcement that chimpanzees make tools in the wild. Jane Goodall’s discovery was the beginning of thirty years of patient and intimate primate observation in the wilds of Kenya; years that redefined what it is to be a human being. Like humans, chimpanzees innovate with tools to survive. Like humans, their complex society is a community of power structures and playful abandon. Like humans, chimpanzees make love and war. Learn about our closest living relatives who share 99% of our genetic heritage and have much to teach us about nurturing and personality. Discover how working in the wild feeds your spirit as nothing else can. Be inspired by someone who dared to become what she dreamed and whose work now ranks among the great scientific achievements of the 20th century.


Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation, Goodall is the author of many books and DVDs including Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe (Houghton Mifflin 1990), and Reasons for Hope: A Spiritual Journey (Warner 1999). To learn more about the work of Jane Goodall go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • How you can deepen your connection with the natural world
  • How to have intimate encounters with chimps and other wildlife
  • What a grizzled old chimpanzee with a white beard can teach you about life
  • How you can help save chimpanzees, gorillas and other endangered species
  • What has happened to African habitat and wildlife over the last half century
  • How restoring habitats saves endangered species
  • How “ethical buying” can save chimps, the environment and humans

Host: Michael Toms            Interview Date: 4/29/1999                      Program Number: 2774                 


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