Images of Tibet with Galen Rowell


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Adventurer, award-winning photographer and collaborator with the Dalai Lama on the book My Tibet (University of California Press 1990), Galen Rowell speaks of the environmental and cultural devastation brought upon Tibet by Communist Chinese occupation. He shares his adventures in mountaineering, and what is needed for true nature conservation: “In the West,” he says, “we think that we’ve saved something because we’ve made a political decision about it. In the East something is saved when the proper human attitude towards it has been realized.”

Adventurer, award-winning photographer, Rowell’s acclaimed photography has been widely exhibited, and he has published several books of environmental photography including The Yosemite (Sierra Club Books 1989) and The Art of Adventure (Collins 1989).

Program Number: 2216                         Host: Michael Toms                             Interview Date: 10/19/1996


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