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Heart Of A Heroine: Saving The Last Redwoods with Julia Butterfly Hill


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Julia Butterfly HillJulia ‘Butterfly’ Hill’s remarkable and triumphant 738 day tree-sit atop the 1,000 year old, 200 foot tall redwood tree she named “Luna”, ended December 18, 1999, when she negotiated a deal to save the ancient tree with Pacific Lumber, a division of the Maxxam Corporation, who owns the land on which “Luna” stands. Hill’s exuberant and life-affirming spirit along with her fierce dedication to “Luna” and the eco-system are empowering and energizing, reminding us all what life and love are all about. (A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this tape will be donated to Circle of Life Foundation to help save the last Redwoods.)


Julia Butterfly Hill is a writer, poet and an activist. She is the founder of the Circle of Life Foundation, and the author of the best-selling A Legacy of Luna (HarperSanFranciso 2000) and One Makes the Difference: Inspiring Actions That Change Our World (HarperSanFrancisco 2002). To learn more about the work of Julia Butterfly Hill go to www.circleoflifefoundation.org.

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • The power of what a single committed human being can accomplish
  • What led Hill to climb a 200 foot redwood treeóand stay for two years
  • How Hill braved 90 mph winds, scare tactics, helicopter harassment, potential starvation, and “climber Dan”
  • Hill’s moving story of her first in-person meeting with John Campbell, President of Pacific Lumber
  • The benefits, blessings and challenges Hill found through living in isolation
  • How finding common ground with our opponents helps resolve differences
  • The symbiotic relationship between Luna and Hill

Host: Michael Toms              Interview Date: 3/17/2000                       Program Number: 2815              


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