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Healing With Spirit And Intuition with Caroline Myss


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“Biography becomes biology,” says Myss, a pioneer in the field of energetic medicine, who is able to diagnose illness by intuitive means. She explains how past traumas, grudges and illusions literally steal vital energy from our body tissues: “We are actively participating in the health of every single one of our cell tissues by the thought-forms we hold in our head.” Myss presents bold insights about why we are afraid of becoming healthy, and how we can overcome these fears, and enter a new planetary era of maturity and empowerment. You don’t have to be a psychic to realize that this work is on the leading edge of many areas of medicine, psychology and personal growth. (hosted by Michael Toms)


Caroline Myss has worked as a medical intuitive and sees illness in a patient’s body by intuitive means. She specializes in helping people understand the emotional, psychological, and physical reasons why their bodies develop illness. In 2003 she founded the CMED Institute, an educational program that specializes in intensive classes on archetypes, personal power, mysticism, and sacred contracts. She has appeared in two highly successful television programs: Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, and Three Levels of Power and How to Use Them. Caroline has joined forces with, a web company that is dedicated to creating a global community through by helping people connect to each other through their individual archetypes. In addition to her written work, Caroline has produced more than eighty audio/visual products on subjects that include healing, spirituality, personal development, and the study of archetypes.

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Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • What were her childhood experiences of being intuitive
  • How “biography becomes biology” in your body
  • How to not blame yourself for illness
  • Why you may be afraid of being healthy
  • How society focuses on the shadow side of emotion
  • How to move on to co-creativity and empowerment
  • What is the importance of honor and integrity
  • What are the biggest blocks to intuition and happiness

Host: Michael Toms                            Interview Date: 6/27/1996                            Program Number: 2576 

Music Included

From Album: Songs of Healing
Artist: On Wings of Song and Robert Gass
1992 Spring Hill Music #SHM-1016

From Album: Soul Nature
Artist: Peter Kater
Silver Wave Records #SD908
Track – Clouds of Air


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