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Godschool 101: The End Of History with Jean Houston


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We are approaching the “end of history as we know it,” says Jean Houston–history as polarization. “Now the deep story can begin.” She draws on the riches of ancient myths–and profound insights into the present world situation–to look into the possibilities and necessities of the world of the future. Houston is always a joy to listen to, from her considerations of virtual reality to her vision of “Godschool 101,” from stories of her girlhood friendship with Teilhard de Chardin to her current work as a cultural facilitator throughout the world. She sees a new kind of global mythology emerging from the meeting of minds and lives, and describes how “these stories are converging in fascinating ways.”


Jean Houston is a visionary thinker, teacher, and philosopher who pioneered the Human Potential Movement and established the Social Artistry leadership model that she used in her work with the United Nations Development Programme.

She is the author of nearly thirty books, including:

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Host: Michael Toms                    Interview Date: 3/18/1992           Program Number: 2315                 


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