From Conservative To Progressive: Working For Peace with Otis Carney & Teddy Carney


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Otis and Teddy have been married for more than fifty-five years. They have lived long enough to see us through the innocence of the 1920s and 30s, the devastation of WWII, the optimism of the 1950s, the tension of the cold war and the war in Vietnam. As a long time friend of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and helping with the campaign for Republican presidential hopeful Barry Goldwater, they began to take another look at the world that was unfolding. In 1980 Otis shifted political gears, “I had gone from being a rock ribbed conservative Republican all the way out the other end to radical progressive, one who wants to get down to the roots of what is the matter.” What made him decide to oppose violent solutions to international problems? He and Teddy live on a ranch in Arizona where they uphold sustainable cattle ranching.


Otis Carney was the winner of the Freedom Foundation and Western Heritage awards. He’s a former Marine Corps Captain where he flew missions in the Pacific for twenty-months during WWII. He was also an award winning screenwriter and author of seventeen books including the bestsellers When the Bough Breaks, New Lease on Life and his newest, War R’ Us: Taking Action for Peace. Teddy Carney is editor of Power vs. Force: Synopsis and Study Guide based on the work of David Hawkins, M.D. Otis Carney passed away on January 1, 2006.

Host:                          Interview Date: 3/8/2003                     Program Number: 2977               


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