Deep Medicine, Deep Healing with William Stewart


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“Everything – everything we think, everything we say, everything we do – is either health creating or health negating. When we begin to look at health and healing that way, we can enter the realm of health creation from anywhere-nutrition, exercise, contemplative practice, relationship.” These are the words of Dr. William Stewart, a leader in bringing an integrative approach to healing to the world of conventional medicine. Educated in mainstream American medical schools and by world-renowned physicians in India, he merges the best of both worlds in a truly holistic perspective and practice. As an educator and a clinician he teaches both staff and patients why finding a sense of purpose in life is fundamental to making healthy choices, and that just one minute of contemplation can have a dramatic impact on quality of life. Inspired by his leadership, the California Pacific Medical Center has a full-sized labyrinth – used extensively by staff as well as patients, as well as the largest consumer-oriented health library in the United States. Even Dr. Stewart’s voice has a gentle, healing resonance, so that this interview will leave you feeling peaceful yet empowered to bring new awareness and presence to your own healing path.


William B. Stewart, M.D. is a nationally renowned oculoplastic surgeon, a member of the senior management team of the California Pacific Medical Center, and a co-founder and the medical director of the Institute for Health & Healing, the largest integrative medical center in the nation. He is the author of Deep Medicine: Discovering a Personal Path to Healing (2006). To find out more information about the work of William Stewart go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

  • What four questions you can ask yourself to assess your health
  • Why your attitude may have a greater impact on your health than your genetics
  • When being angry might help you heal
  • Why who your doctor is may be more important than what she does
  • Why some placebos work better than other

Host: Michael Toms          Interview Date: 5/23/2006                    Program Number: 3153              


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